About us

In today's digital economy, businesses are looking to technology led innovation to work faster, smarter and easier.

We use the right technology to drive your business in the digital world, improving efficiencies and accelerating success.


Bespoke Software

Implementing software to enable your business processes to happen more efficiently and effectively.

Bespoke software solutions deliver applications that match your unique requirements and specific business goals.


Turn your information into real-time insights.

From automated reports to digital dashboards, we can help you get the most out of your data.


Work better with apps that work together. Connect different applications together across your organisation and turn your data into real-time insights.

More efficient, fewer inconsistencies. Get your apps and data working together.


We provide ongoing support for all of the solutions we implement. This includes training and adaptive maintenance.

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  • Queenstown, Otago, NZ

  • 027 788 8727

  • info@peaksoftware.nz